OPEN call for STSM in Martonvásár

OPEN call for STSM in Martonvásár

The Centre for Agricultural Research in Martonvasar (Hungary) is inviting for a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM). Below you can find more detailed information ​about the STSM:

Title of STSM: Selection of barley genotypes for food utilization while learning breeding techniques

Assignment to WG: 2
Host institution: Centre for Agricultural Research, Martonvasar, Hungary
Contact person: Klára Mészáros (
Specification of samples: Hordeum vulgare
Analytical methods: breeding methods
Specific requests for participant: interest in agriculture, breeding, agrotechniques
Duration: 1 month
Expecting starting: recommended between 26.06.2023 – 17.07.2023 (during harvest time)

Short description of STSM: Breeding of cereals more adaptable to the local environmental conditions has greater and greater significance, partly due to the climate changes, partly because of the appearance of new diseases and the changes in consumers needs for healthier food consumption. Thus the development of breeding methods, the new aspects of organic breeding, the more significant use of  molecular breeding give better chances to achieve the targets. The use of more diverse set of the cereal species and starting the reuse of the different genebank accessions also give the possibility to breed for more diverse traits of the cereals. Thus, the candidate will take part in the screening, selection  and /or harvest of the breeding lines developed during the breeding programs of the Centre for Agricultural Research. Meanwhile the candidate will get deeper knowledge into the breeding methods, genebank handling and analysis of the lines. 

Expected outputs: The outcome of the project would be the selection of the genotypes which could be useful to be measured for asparagine and/or acrylamide content. The materials will be multiplied and characterised for other compositional and quality traits as well.  Furthermore they also contribute to fulfilling the objectives of COST Acryred WG2 not only by the cooperation between the different laboratories and/or countries, but by building a biobank. 

The application process is presented at this link and link to the e-cost platform.

If you need more information feel free to contact our Grant Awarding Coordinator Dr. Kristina Kukurova ( or Klára Mészáros (

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